Fundraising is a necessity for the PTA to bring in the needed funds for the many activities, field trips, and programs provided to the students and families of Lake Ann Elementary.  We strive in having events that bring  the school and the community at large together in a fun environment.

We set a yearly budget based on the current needs of our students and estimate potential funds based on past events.  If we do better than projected, we can add more activities and student opportunities. We always work hard to provide more opportunities for our kids!

Each year we estimate a need of $30,000 to be raised from all events and fundraisers.  Half of that is earmarked for the many things the PTA provides (classroom assistance, assemblies, after school programs, etc.) and the rest is used for the field trips your student takes with their class.

How does the money raised break down?

  • For every net dollar raised at a PTA event (i.e. carnival), 40% goes to the General PTA fund and the other 60% is divided equally among each class and is added to their class funds for that school year.

  • For fundraisers that the students and families participate in (i.e. Jog-A-Thon), 40% goes to the General PTA fund and the remaining 60% goes directly to the class of the student who raised the funds for that class’s specific field trips.

  • The more people that get involved and the more money raised, equals greater experiences for our kids!