Through PTA fundraising, your child will participate in field trip(s) each school year. Field trips may be off-site or activities brought on-site to Lake Ann Elementary school to reduce transportation cost and still enjoy the fun. Please speak to your child's classroom teacher or visit their Classroom Hub for specific dates, details, and opportunities to help chaperone.

The field trip’s location and activities are researched by the class teachers. Many times teachers in the same grade coordinate the trips together to share the costs.

Things to note

  • Field trips for your students are possible because of fundraising. We need everyone’s support to make them possible.
  • Transportation via school buses comes out of the money raised through the PTA. Field trip transportation is not covered by Benzie Central School District.
  • The PTA volunteers work hard to provide opportunities and events to raise the needed funds for their students. However, if the selected field trip costs more than what has been raised, the parents will be responsible to pay the difference. There may be PTA Scholarship funds available for those families that need the support for the student to attend. Our intent is never to exclude any child from being able to attend a field trip. Please speak to your child’s teacher, or contact Keith Schaub, if you would like more information on scholarship funds.
  • All chaperones need to have a background check form into the office to accompany the kids on a trip.
  • Transportation for the chaperones is not guaranteed and may require other transportation accomodations.